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If you like to save money and discover unique items, you may be a Savvy Shopper. Come visit Savvy Shopper Resale & Consignment if you want to save big on appliances, antiques, collectibles, arts and crafts, electronics, furniture, household items, lawn/garden, sporting goods, furniture, tools, toys, games, and more! We offer quality pre-owned products from all around North Texas for unbelievably low...

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Denton Resale offers top rated and professional Resale in Denton. [Read More]

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    We provide a full compliment of services for everyone including consignments, house calls, cash buy-outs, and estate liquidations.
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Resale Tips

Denton Resale provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Resale ]

Denton Resale | Rare Finds for Affordable Prices

If you love to go shopping for unique items and rare finds for affordable prices, you will love shopping at Denton Resale. Denton Resale allows people to sell any unwanted items that they may have for the home to customers like yourself. Since there are so many sellers, there is no limit to the many items that will be available for purchase. These items will come in a variety of styles, and many of them are in excellent condition.

You can find both antique and modern furniture at Denton Resale, as well as collectibles, knickknacks, furnishings and other goods for your home. When purchasing new furniture and other furnishings for your home, you can also sell your old items at Denton Resale. This allows you to make a bit of extra cash for shopping while you are at Denton Resale, and you may even get to take a bit of cash home. You are always welcome to bring your good-quality furniture and furnishings to Denton Resale to either sell for cash to the owners or to sell on consignment to customers. Even if you are not planning on purchasing anything from Denton Resale, you can certainly bring your home-related items to sell.

Whether you are selling furniture, antiques or other home furnishing and goods, you are sure to find a buyer at Denton Resale. Sometimes Denton Resale will offer you cash on the spot for your items. This allows you to quickly make a buck without risking the wait for customers or without spending your time trying to sell these items. However, you can still make money if Denton Resale does not want to buy your items upfront, as these items can then be sold on consignment to Denton Resale customers, who are often looking for a wide variety of items.